Dear Valued Customer,

ceo-warren-jacobsMCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions has been a fixture in the jansan industry since 1973, when my father, Hart Jacobs, began doing business out of the basement of our home. Since then, MCL has provided cleaning supplies to the communities we serve with an enduring combination of service excellence, planning for the future and investing in our people and our business.

Today, we are proud of the facts that our business continues to grow and MCL continues to reinvest in areas that assure we remain the best choice for you. This growth includes having expanded our number of locations and our logistics so that we now have  partners in all provinces, servicing Canadians from coast-to-coast.

To increase operational efficiencies, we have equipped our facilities with narrow-aisle technology which allows us to store more products by maximizing space utilization in the warehouse—ensuring we have the product when you order it and providing us the space we need for future growth.

We look to the future with certainty, confident that we will continue to invest to enable us to provide you with the best solutions. We are proud of the online ordering solution we have developed known as MCL Online-Made-EZ and will continue to improve this platform. In addition, we now have hundreds of items that classify as “sustainable” products in our CleanBeyondGreen® program, an area that we will continue to expand as demand to protect our health and the environment grows. Investing in our people and our systems has always been a hallmark of our business strategy and paramount in providing us the opportunity to serve our customers.

Finally, as I reflect on MCL’s family and business history, I am humbled by the growth and success that MCL has achieved, and I am extremely proud of the fact that our employee tenure remains high and includes many who have called MCL home for many years.

“Supporting our customer community” is the focus of everything we do. We are certain that if you give us the opportunity, we will demonstrate our ability to employ our vast industry experience to develop solutions that work to help you meet your cleaning and business needs.



Warren Jacobs, CEO
MCL Sustainable Solutions