Q: “What does MCL know about green cleaning?”

A: At MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions, we know green cleaning is about more than just green chemicals. A true green cleaning program also includes using appropriate equipment, tools, disposables, accessories, and perhaps most importantly, proper training. MCL has green cleaning experts on staff to help you green your processes to help safeguard the environment and create a clean, healthier indoor environment.

Q: “What are your references?”

A: MCL has numerous examples of successfully implemented green cleaning programs. One prime example is the work we did with Earth Rangers, which used MCL’s CleanBeyondGreen™ (CBG) program from MCL to assist with earning the green cleaning credits necessary for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EB:O&M) certification (see below).

Q: “What green options does MCL offer?”

A: MCL offers several options of low environmental impact cleaning products, tools, and equipment as well as the  training vital to assure the success of your green cleaning program.

Q: “Are you familiar with the USGBC & LEED? Are you a member?”

A: MCL is very familiar with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its  LEED programs. MCL is a member of the USGBC. In addition, MCL employs 12  LEED Accredited Professionals and two LEED Green Associates. In addition, MCL’s Green Partner Support™(GPS)  program can help contribute a significant number of the credits required to certify a LEED EB: O&M project. MCL can also help facilities develop a green housekeeping program to help them achieve eLEED for New Construction, LEED for Core and Shell and LEED for Commercial Interiors certifications.

Q: “How do green products differ from traditional products?”

A: It depends on the product. If it is a cleaning chemical, it will be safer for human use, and it will have a more favorable environmental profile than a “traditional” product because it will be formulated without ingredients that have been demonstrated to have a negative impact on human health and the environment. If it is a disposable paper product or trash bag, it will contain a recommended amount of post-consumer recycled content or be made from more renewable materials. If it is a piece of cleaning equipment, it will contribute to better indoor air quality or use less water, and if it is a vacuum cleaner, it will meet filtration requirements set by the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI).

Q: “Are your green products certified?”

A: MCL offers certified products in several different categories. Some examples of third-party certifications include the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for post-consumer recycled content paper products and trash liners, Green Seal and EcoLogo certification for cleaning chemicals, and CRI Green Label certification for vacuum cleaners. In addition, Green Seal and EcoLogo have certifications for floor care products and sanitary paper products that MCL offers, and cleaning chemicals are also available that have been formulated in partnership with the EPA Safer Choice program. In addition to certified products, MCL also offers product solutions in categories that are not currently “certified,” but which still demonstrate a lesser or reduced negative impact on human health and the environment.

Q: “What is your level of support for green cleaning?”

A: MCL offers the support of sales consultants well trained in green cleaning options as well as LEED Accredited Professionals. They are supported by all the resources of the company, including MCL sales management, MCL chemical and equipment specialists and  manufacturer representatives.

Q: “How will you help me communicate the benefits to my customers?”

A: MCL can assist you in communicating the benefits of green cleaning to your customers by offering examples of case studies as well as joining them on-site for in-person presentations.

Q: “What training programs do you offer?”

A: MCL offers training on green cleaning procedures as part of its CleanBeyondGreen ™ (CBG) program.

Q: “If I am starting from scratch, how should I begin?”

A: You should begin a green cleaning program with a Green Cleaning Site Survey conducted by an MCL trained consultant who can make recommendations on how to make your cleaning operation greener.