MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions is a story of success. MCL prides itself on the legacies of its founders and the loyalty, hard work and dedication of its employees. The founders were known for going above and beyond to care for their customers, and many people in the greater Toronto area still tell stories of their extraordinary customer service. The Jacobs’ sons Michael and Warren have carried on this legacy, a fact reflected in the company’s growth and continued success.

The Early Years

Established in December 1973 as Mister Chemical Ltd. (MCL) by Hartley “Hart” Jacobs and his wife, Ruth, the company began in the basement of the Jacobs’ home, using the family station wagon as the delivery vehicle.

1973 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon - riding in the "way back" with no seatbelts.:

In the beginning, MCL sold only four products: Instant D-Zolv Gel (an effective industrial strength baseboard stripper); D-Zolv Green (a nonammoniated stripper); Perfect Shield Sealer, and Wet-Look Reflex No-Slip Floor Gloss. Focusing on government and large corporate contracts, Hart conducted demonstrations to show the superiority of his products over others on the market. While visiting with clients, he found them requesting related cleaning supplies, such as mops, buckets and wringers, which he promptly added to his product offerings. This ultimately led MCL to expand its inventory to include equipment, such as auto scrubbers, floor polishers, burnishers, vacuums and carpet extractors. Today, MCL offers more than 8,000 SKUs.

Hart and Ruth’s vision continues. Family members can still be found in the warehouse providing guidance to the staff and checking prepared orders. Their son Michael joined the firm in 1990 and is president. As a registered microbiologist, his chemical knowledge enabled the company to offer expertise in the areas of community health and facility infection control. He still volunteers his time assisting customers with their challenges and frequently, he can be found providing midnight demonstrations at various locations. Michael’s brother, Warren, earned his MBA degree at the University of Toronto, and in 1997, he joined the firm as marketing manager, working his way to his current position as CEO and helping lay the groundwork to enable growth in new markets.

With a solid customer-oriented administrative staff, MCL has seen its business flourish. In 1995, MCL North Bay was established to service the company’s growing number of customers in northern Ontario. Then, in 1998, the company outgrew its facility in Richmond Hill and purchased its first building. This new corporate head office features more than 40,000 square feet of space, including a 4,000 square-foot showroom with products displayed by manufacturer and ample space for in-class and hands-on training. Seminars accommodating hundreds of people are frequently held on-site. The facility is open to the public and exhibits many of the thousands of items in MCL’s inventory. As well as spanning all areas of sanitary maintenance and equipment, MCL also carries indoor-outdoor property maintenance products and a wide range of professional garden tools, landscape equipment and safety supplies.

With complete customer service in mind, MCL has a full-time service department that repairs all makes of vacuums, polishers, carpet extractors, sweepers, auto scrubbers, etc. As an authorized repair-depot for many of the major manufacturers, warranty work can be performed regardless of where the equipment was purchased. Preventative maintenance programs and post-sale service are solution for potential problems and ensure that customers get the full value for their investment dollars.

On-site training programs are another way to maximize product use. MCL is committed to ensuring that products purchased are used in the safest and most cost-effective manner. Field representatives will work with clients on-site to develop best programs for each unique requirement. Complimentary assessments of any facility are available.

Ann Industry Leader

With the infrastructure of the industry’s best facilities in place, and veteran leadership to help steer the course, Michael and Warren look to the future with great optimism. But to get there, the company needed to invest. MCL has continually invested in computer systems that would transform the way business was done, allowing the company to customize its technology to suit the ever-changing needs of the business. These upgrades have updated the way inventory is managed, orders placed and deliveries fulfilled. While employee training has always been of paramount importance to the company and key to its success, technology has helped catapult an already-strong training program to a new level.

A Future With MCL

In addition to technological advances, MCL’s product and equipment offers have evolved to not only have reduce their impact on the environment, but also to keep the workers’ and customers’ health in the forefront. In 2014, Michael ensured that the most recent facility was a benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of green buildings. Today, MCL’s marketplace continues to grow. MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions has enjoyed tremendous growth for more than 43 years by serving and adjusting to the needs of the customers, investing in technology and maintaining the finest facilities in the industry.

But it is truly the loyal employees behind the scenes who understand the MCL way. Still family owned, MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions employs more than 45
dedicated people who care and who benefited from the veterans who went before them. These are the workers who have passed down the “secret” code of conduct, and who have embraced a unique and distinctly Canadian opportunity to call MCL home. These are the individuals who continue to make MCL Sustainable Cleaning Solutions a great company.